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Jun 14, 2014 - Maguire Peaks


Partners: (None)

Distance: 5.24 miles

Elevation Gain: 1,417 feet

Trip Time: 2:11

Maps and Stats:
Today would be a quick hike, more of a weekend off interrupted by a 2 hour hike up Maguire Peaks, a CC listed summit that is quite prominent when viewed heading south on 680 after leaving Pleasanton. Kyle had told me that his wife wanted to hike Mission Peak, and so I decided that I could get Maguire Peaks first then meet them at the TH for Mission Peak afterword. Maguire Peaks is a bit off the beaten path, and requires a 2 mile drive along the single lane Welch Road to arrive at one of the trailheads. There are 3 TH's, unimaginatively named lower, middle and upper trails. It doesn't really matter which TH you start from, as they all connect at some point to the Maguire Peaks trail which winds around the peaks but doesn't actually go to the summit. I wound up starting on the upper TH at 5:30.

The trail was nicely marked, and went through a few ups and downs before I could see the tops of Maguire Peaks peaking above the next ridgeline. A few minutes later the full peaks came into view, with the upper summit ringed by a steep rock band. It was my intent to first summit the lower peak, which would allow me to climb up the rock band as opposed to having to go down the rock. To accomplish this I needed to leave the trail as I reached a point in between and below the two peaks. I aimed for a spot in the middle of the two peaks, and headed up a steep grassy slope.

15 minutes later I was in the saddle, with an easy 5 minute walk up to the lower summit. The only difficult thing about this part was the grasses - I was repeatedly jabbed with sharp burr like fragments, which stuck in my socks and would ultimately require 20 minutes to remove back at home after the hike. From the lower summit the views were quite nice, looking back towards Diablo, over to Sunol Peak, the Mission Peak ridgeline, and Loma Preieta off in the distance. Because this wasn't really the true summit, I quickly started towards the main peak.

The rock band around the main summit was much more challenging than I had anticipated, with up to class 5 climbing available. I first went right(north) looking for a way up but found nothing that looked too appealing. I then went left and was confounded for a couple of minutes before finding a route up. The rocks were great fun, although from the time I located my route until the time I reached the summit was only a couple of minutes. On top I had mostly the same views, although I hadn't noticed a view of the Bay previously. I followed a nicely marked use trail down from the summit, avoiding the rockbands and connecting back down on the main Maguire Peaks trail after maybe a quarter mile. I decided to take the Lower Trail back to the road to give myself a change of scenery, which proved to be a good choice as this trail follows a drainage that still held its greenery despite being the middle of June. Near the end there was a giant downed tree, and when I arrived back at the TH I could see that they actually closed the trail, probably to remove that tree. From here I was left wtih a 3/4 mile walk back up Welch Road, and I arrived back at my car around 7:40. I was running late for the meeting at Mission Peak, and as soon as I could get cell service I called Kyle to see how far along the hike they were. He answered that he was at Applebee's....apparently things hadn't worked out for him and his wife to hike Mission Peak so I decided to call it a day and head home.

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