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 3,891.68 miles
 1,060,050 feet

Sep 4, 2014 - Ski Heil Peak / Eagle Peak


Partners: Kyle Breen

Distance: 3.34 miles

Elevation Gain: 1,258 feet

Trip Time: 2:14

Maps and Stats:
Once again I had 2 days off work, and so another road trip was in order. Kyle also had Thursday and Friday off, and we planned a trip up north to hike Mt. Shasta, about a 5 hour drive for me and 4 hours for Kyle. Mt. Shasta is a 14k peak, but stands alone as the giant of Northern California, meaning there were no good options to acclimate. I looked at the maps and saw that we could make a side trip to the Lassen Volcanic National Park and at least spend some time up around 9,000 feet. Probably not the best acclimation plan but it would have to do.

I drove up to Kyle's place in Vallejo and we set around 11:30 AM. We arrived at Lassen Park around 3:00, and paid the $10 entry fee. I knew ahead of time that Lassen Peak, the only 10k peak in the area was closed for trail building, so we decided to take on 2 small neighbors of Lassen, Ski Heil and Eagle Peak. These peaks are both around 9,000 feet and very easy to reach from the trailhead at 8,300 feet. But this was not supposed to be a challenge, we were here to warm up and acclimate.

We got started at 3:20, with Lassen Peak dominating the view. We incorrectly climbed the first hill to our left, thinking it would connect us over to the saddle between Ski Heil and Eagle, but once we got to the top we discovered we basically had to just go back down the other side. So much for making things easy. As we descended, we could see our 2 targets looking pretty close. We turned away from Lassen and headed cross country directly towards Ski Heil which was easy to spot. We passed underneath Eagle Peak, with the plan being to climb it after Ski Heil since it was higher and the plan was to spend some time on top. There was a lot of large rockfall in this area, although not enough to cause any problems with the hike. Once we hit the saddle, we started up the fairly steep slope of Ski Heil, arriving on top at 4:15. Ski Heil isn't listed on any peak lists, and there was no summit register. There was also no shade, and no reason to hang out. So I took a shot of Mt. Shasta way off in the distance, and a shot of Eagle Peak looking like the little brother of Lassen in front of us.

We easily descended back down, nearly the same way we came up, and started up the slope of Eagle. Eagle Peak is a couple hundred feet higher than Ski Heil, and so it took a few extra minutes to make the trip up where we arrived at 4:40. There were some nice views, down to Ski Heil and beyond to Brokeoff Mountain, but the best view was towards Mt. Lassen itself. Kyle took a summit shot of me and we found a collection of scraps of paper serving as the summit register. We signed the back of one of the scraps and then set about trying to find a shady spot where I was going to read and Kyle was going to play some electronic games. We spent nearly 2 hours relaxing, hoping we were acclimating before starting back down the easy slope. A few minutes after 7 PM we got back to the parking lot where I noticed the informational sign for Lassen which I had missed upon entry. Some day I/we will have to come back to get Lassen and Brokeoff, but with Shasta on the agenda for tomorrow we both were ready to continue on our way up to the Motel 6 in Weed where we would spend the night.

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