Hiking Stats as of 11/20/2019
Total Trips:
Total Distance:
Total Elevation Gain:
 3,891.68 miles
 1,060,050 feet
It was a fairly chilly day for early November and still lacking snow equipment for a return to the Sierra I did a repeat of one of my favorite hikes - the Ohlone Trail to Rose Peak, with a side visit to the Alameda County Highpoint of Discovery Peak thrown in as well.

The one thing I didn't like about visiting the Sierra was leaving before dawn - now that I am staying local I was able to give my dogs a nice 6 mile walk prior to heading out to the trail. Getting off to a late start for the actual hike, I made a conscious effort to keep up a good pace all day to avoid having to finish up in the dark. It was a nice, albeit chilly day with mostly cloudy skies. After climbing the first ridge up to about 2,400 feet, the trail descends back down under 2,000 feet as it crosses Williams Gulch before heading back up the larger ridges on the other side. During the rainy seasons Williams Gulch puts on a nice display, and requires a log crossing to get across. But no water was running yet this year.

Making the climb out of the Gulch I was treated to some fantastic views of Mt. Diablo and the greater Bay Area before the trail turns south and the views become limited to the adjacent hills and the local residents.

Little bits of snow remained next to the trail as I made the short side trip. Passing by some abandoned sheds the summit was a mere minutes away. The summit of Discovery Peak is quite a letdown considering the 8 miles it takes to get to the summit. There are radio antenna and trees blocking the views in most every direction. After spending 15 minutes up top I made my way down. Normally I would have stopped for lunch by this point but the short daylight dictated that I multitask - eat and hike at the same time. I rejoined the Ohlone Trail, as I made my way towards Rose Peak.

The journey to Rose Peak provides some good views of the Bay and San Francisco, and the actual summit itself has 360 degree views of the entire area, including the best views of the day of Mt. Hamilton and the Lick Observatory to the south. I didn't spend too much time up top, with 10 miles remaining to get back to the car I needed to keep moving. The return trip was fun, but uneventful. About halfway down I came across a few backpackers asking how much further to Rose Peak. I told them they better get moving if they don't want to be hiking in the dark but they said they didn't care since they were camping out along the trail anyway.

Near the end of the journey I enjoyed the views of Lake Del Valle in the fading sun before coming across several deer in the parking lot and many more in the meadow next to the parking lot. The length of the round trip journey is fun to see in Google Earth, and combined with my morning dog walk I completed a full marathon on the day - 26.4 miles in a bit under 9.5 hours. When I got home I invited the dogs up on my bed to watch some college football. A great end to a great day.

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