Hiking Stats as of 11/11/2019
Total Trips:
Total Distance:
Total Elevation Gain:
 3,891.68 miles
 1,060,050 feet
With winter now in full force I have largely resigned myself to local hikes, leaving the Sierra behind until better weather comes in the spring. I hadn't been to Mt. Diablo in a while and Diablo was the scene of my first hike, and has become my fallback for when I need to get out and do a hike and haven't found anywhere else to go. It is tough, and I always see something new and feel a sense of accomplishment after completing the 4 summits. For today, the four peak loop was coming after some recent rains, making everything nice and green and bringing streams and waterfalls back to the mountain.

After arriving and getting started around 9:30, the first views of the day showed what the fun that lay ahead. The upper slopes were completely covered in clouds, which would make for a fun, if not cold, journey around the top. As is usually the case near the bottom, I saw a group of wild turkeys running along the slopes. By this point I know all the trails and don't need a map, and I chose to take the scenic route that skirts along the ridge line. The scenery also brought some small nuisances, like some downed debris from the recent storms. Heading on up towards Eagle Peak, the views of the covered summit of Mt. Diablo were spectacular, with the clouds swallowing up the upper reaches. While the first summit of the day, Eagle Peak, was only being brushed by the clouds, after summiting the trail quickly turned north towards the main peak and towards the cloud cover.

Along the way to the Mt. Diablo main peak I came across a nice waterfall which made me wonder where all the water was coming from, being up so high already on the peak. I soon realized the answer, however, as it began to rain. Fortunately I was well prepared for changing weather, and had my rain gear with me. The trail up to the main summit became swamped with a stream with the cloud cover and light rain persisting all the way up to the top. Up on top the clouds obscured the summit tower, ruining any chance at what are normally fine views.

After eating lunch up top in the warmth of the visitor's center, I set off for Peak number 3, North Peak. I came down out of the clouds long enough to see North Peak , but like the main peak, the upper reaches were covered in clouds. The 1.5 mile journey to North Peak was uneventful, and after climbing up to the radio towers on top I set off for the last summit of the day, Mt. Olympia. The journey over to Mt. Olympia brought me down from the clouds, although they remained almost close enough to touch . I didn't hang out on top on Mt. Olympia for more than a few minutes before setting out on the descent.

The decent provided the most interesting part of the day, with a roaring sound leading me over to rapidly moving waterfall/stream. I stayed to enjoy the scenery for a few minutes, not realizing that the stream would shortly emerge and completely engulf the trail. I got a chance to test the claim that my hiking boots were waterproof (which they turned out to be) and waded to the other side. The final miles to the car were uneventful, and I made it back to my car just as darkness began to set in before 5 PM.

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