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Nov 30, 2014 - Gossip Rock


Partners: (None)

Distance: 5.36 miles

Elevation Gain: 1,392 feet

Trip Time: 2:27

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The rains had certainly come early to California this year (or maybe it is simply on time but after last year it is hard to get used to all this rain). This is great news for California, but not so good for my weekend hiking. Saturday was a total washout, and with the rain continuing throughout Sunday morning it looked like I might not go out at all. Luck was on my side, however, as the skies broke after lunch, and by 1 PM I was out the door. Obviously I'm not going to go too far on a Sunday afternoon, with sunset near 5, so I picked Gossip Rock, a CC listed peak in the hills east of Union City. This would be CC Peak number 47 for me.

I arrived at the nearly empty parking lot just off Mission Blvd at 2 PM, and hurried off given the limited time I had. The location of the start of the trail is very confusing, and I wound up taking the exact same obvious (but wrong) trail to the right that Bob Burd took on his trip. The trail disappears halfway up a hill where several trees looked to have been destroyed. Given the hurry I was in, I did not want to go back down the hill and look for the proper trail, so I pulled up my GPS and saw that if I just went up and over the hill in front of me I should eventually connect to my intended route. I went up, and after searching for a better line I went through a fence which led very steeply down to a canyon. I emerged from this bushwhack back on track, none the worse for wear.

Once on the correct trail it was very easy to navigate towards Gossip Rock, with the biggest challenge not coming from the elevation gain but from the muddy trail which added several pounds of weight to each of my hiking boots. A little before 3 PM I had most of the hard work done, and I could make out the 2 large oaks which mark the location of Gossip Rock. When I reached the top of the ridge it became apparent that Gossip Rock is not even the highpoint of the immediate areas. I paused here to take pictures, as I could see that I would soon be heading downhill to Gossip Rock which would seem to offer up less of a view. One of the oddities of peakbagging I suppose - chasing after a listed CC peak to the point of heading downhill to find the "summit". The views towards the Bay were incredible, and reminded me somewhat of Mission Peak. These certainly were the finest views of the day. From here Gossip Rock was a short jaunt downhill to the Oaks.

I didn't immediately stop as I had seen that the online resources showed Gossip Rock to be another 100 feet lower and another 500 feet away. I kept going and wound up having to cross a fence which led me to....the middle of a large grassy hillside. Going further would take me down to a canyon. Clearly Gossip Rock was not here. I made my way back uphill, crossed the fence and ascended the summit rocks. As I climbed I noticed large pools of water in the rocks - I had guessed this might be something that had been done by inhabitants of the area long ago for grinding food. It was 3:40, and time to go since I still had an hour drive ahead of me too. I went back up the hill and retraced my steps until taking a fun side trail which followed a creek downhill. Along this final section I ran into what I believe was a salamander who was out enjoying all the rain. I was back to the car at 4:30, making for a fun quick little Sunday afternoon outing.

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