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Mar 12, 2015 - Peak 1140


Partners: (None)

Distance: 7.27 miles

Elevation Gain: 1,766 feet

Trip Time: 2:09

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I'd been to Round Valley twice during the week, and I was looking to make it a third time during lunch on Thursday. Monday was my first time to the park, Tuesday was a before City Council hike and today was all about trying to ascend PK 1140, an unnamed peak outside of the park boundary, but one that caught my attention as it is on the list of Contra Costa County peaks with over 300 feet of prominence. In looking at the maps I could hike it starting from Round Valley.

I arrived at Round Valley and went to the right to start the normal loop hike, exiting at a point that provided access to a long sloping ridgeline up to PK 1140. I had to duck under a fence, but it was unsigned so I wasn't too concerned. I then went up a grassy ridgeline, full of wildflowers The hike was longer than expected, through mostly tall grasses with ever improving views back towards Round Valley and west to Mt. Diablo. Everything was in a wonderful shade of green.

I arrived at the summit after about 40 minutes of hiking and took in the views If it weren't for the greenery this probably wouldn't have been that great, but as it was it was quite enjoyable. I decided to take a more direct route back towards the TH. By going this way I was going through some areas rarely visited, and had the good fortune to spot a bobcat in the tall grasses. I watched him as he walked slowly away, into the shade of the trees. I kept going, locating the trail at Round Valley and taking that all the way back to the car. A pretty fun way to enjoy lunch!

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