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Mar 21, 2015 - Monument Peak / Weller Peak


Partners: (None)

Distance: 8.78 miles

Elevation Gain: 2,450 feet

Trip Time: 2:42

Maps and Stats:
Lacking a solid plan for this weekends hike, I decided the time was right to go after the elusive Weller Peak. Elusive only in that it was a new addition to the CC list, having been dropped by Bob Burd after he was unable to cross reference the peak on the original list to anything on the map. Well, as it turned out the original list transposed two numbers in the elevation of Weller Peak, and as Jerry Kohn discovered, once you correct for that you match up with a peak on Weller Road. Hence, Weller Peak has been restored to the CC list. Unfortunately for me, I've been to all the peaks around Weller Peak and had ignored it because it is not really anything special. Many higher peaks surround it and there was never a reason to visit. Until now.

This would be an easy hike, so I walked the dogs and took my time getting down to Ed Levin County Park. All of my previous hikes in the area originated from Stanford Road, up to Mission Peak and then over Mt. Allison and Monument Peak, with Weller Peak being a 10 minute walk from Monument. But coming up from Ed Levin would allow me much closer access to Monument Peak (and Weller) so that was the plan. Ed Levin is a fee area, so I paid at the kiosk and parked in the giant lot. The area is very popular with hang gliders, and I saw several participants attending some sort of training or class near the parking area. From the start I could see my objective not too far away, as I followed a road past a few houses until I picked up a trail that went all the way to the top of the ridge. On the way up I measured my progress against a flag on top of the ridge which I believe is used as a marker for the upper most launch point for the hang gliders.

It took about 75 minutes to approach Monument Peak which I felt like summitting first. On the summit I ran into a pair of lizards enjoying the sun and the views back down towards Silicon Valley. Mt. Allison loomed as the taller peak to the north. I'd been on Monument many times before, so I left and went over to "Monument North", a higher peak than Monument but for some reason not on the CC list. Why Monument made it and "Monument North" didn't is a mystery. But then why Weller made it at all is a bigger mystery. It took all of 10 minutes to get to Monument North, from where I could easily see the trail leading up to the lower Weller Peak. It was another silly 10 minutes to hike over to the top of Weller Peak and claim the CC peak so I could cross it off the list. Admittedly there were some nice unobstructed views down to Silicon Valley, but those views were largely available on the hike up anyway.

So I left and hiked down, taking a different trail that led right from the top of Weller downhill. This was non-eventful, and other than a creek crossing which was little more than a trickle, there wasn't much new to report on descent. Once back down to the road and walking by the houses again I did see a peacock feeding from a dish on someones porch. I'm not sure if the dish was for the peacock or if it was just being oppotunistic while someones cat left the food unguarded. In total, the hike was 8 3/4 miles, completed in 2 3/4 hours with about 2400 feet of gain. Not a gimme, but not much of a challenge either. I think my lack of enthusiasm was largely due to this being an area I've hiked in many times before, and the relative lameness of Weller Peak when compared to the more impressive Mt. Allison and Monument North peaks around it.

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