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Nov 21, 2012 - Brushy Peak


Partners: (None)

Distance: 7.09 miles

Elevation Gain: 1,661 feet

Trip Time: 2:45

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Every Thanksgiving me and Kyle head down south to visit out dad, and while we have our own traditions of a full day-after-Thanksgiving slate of activities including golf, bowling and basketball, I have developed my own day-before Thanksgiving tradition of going on a hike. This year my guilt about leaving my dogs for the next few days wouldn't allow me to selfishly spend a whole day on the trail, so I set my sights on the closest peak to my house, Brushy Peak in Livermore.

Although topping out at only 1,702 feet, Brushy Peak stands out in an area devoid of tall hills, and thus can be seen from great distances away. For some reason it also has a large collection of trees dotting the summit (hence the name Brushy Peak), making it that much more visible from far away. Brushy Peak can easily be identified from the Central Valley, as well as from many sections of the East Bay. It also is on the California Coastal Peaks list, and climbing it would add to my count of listed peaks I had ascended.

I arrived at the empty parking lot at 11AM and began the immediate climb upward. Although a cloudy day, some nice views of the Livermore Valley were immediately available. Unfortunately, the trail was a muddy wreck, as the clay type surface molded to my boots with each step, adding about 5 pounds to my load. The trail soon offered views of the summit not too far off in the distance. Making my way closer I was soon in the "brushy" portion of the hill, which was littered with a collection of rocks and trees.

From this point, getting up was easy, and I enjoyed the ever expanding views of the windmills and the Livermore Valley. The final approach was quickly navigated, and I was on top of Brushy Peak after 2.5 miles.

I had to search out a location off the summit (and not covered with trees) to shoot a few summit shots which showed the nice view range offered on the peak. These included the Livermore Valley, a view to Mt. Diablo, and a large swath of the Diablo Range foothills. Rather than making a quick decent, I looped around the Brushy Peak Preserve, at times regretting it but then getting rewarded with some encounters with the local residents. The loop wound through the foothills, and I found myself descending back towards the parking lot after about 7 miles and 2 3/4 hours. Maybe not the most exciting journey, but what better way to spend a few hours on the day before Thanksgiving?

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