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Another weekend, another trip up to Tahoe in our continued search for a vacation house in the South Lake Tahoe area. Kyle and I had been looking for a while, and we were at it again today, meaning we would either have to leave really early Saturday morning, come home really late, or a combination of both as it turned out. I got up early and walked the dogs before meeting up with Kyle in Rancho Cordova and continuing on to meet our real estate agent in South Lake Tahoe. After touring more houses, and disappointed to again find nothing to our liking, we ate lunch and headed off to today's objective, a double OGUL peak day of Duane Bliss and Genoa Peaks, on the eastern shores of Lake Tahoe on the Nevada side.

We arrived at Spooner Summit and the large parking lot at the TH at about 12:45 and set off on the Tahoe Rim trail. Thanks to Peakbagger, I now try to bag as many surrounding summits as I can when I'm in an area, and today there were a couple other of these minor summits to chase as small diversions from the main trek to the two OGUL peaks. Perhaps a mile or so in we left the TRT to do a bit of cross country over in search of White Hill, a ridiculous pursuit as it turned out, as we were actually heading downhill to find this so called peak. We came across a coll looking rock outcrop, and thinking it might be the peak, climbed up. My GPS showed we were at least 500 feet away, and unable to identify any peaks nearby, we went down the rock pile in pursuit of the invisible peak. Using the GPS we were finally able to find it, having descended a couple hundred feet and finally finding a lame bump that somehow was a named summit. To be fair, it did have nice views of the Sierra on the other side of the Lake. Whatever. We went cross country back to the TRT, and hoped the rest of the summits would be a bit more worthy. We wouldn't be disappointed.

We continued on the TRT, following it until we were below the steep slopes of Duane Bliss Peak, where we set down our packs, planning to make it an out and back trip from the TRT. It was about 700 feet of very steep uphill climbing until we reached a plateau where we strolled on up to the summit. The views from Duane Bliss were quite fine, looking over towards Genoa Peak, the deserts of Nevada, but more impressively Lake Tahoe. We located the summit register dating back to 2008. Among the entries I recognized were Bob Burd, Jerry Kohn, and Bob McLaughlin.

We made a rapid descent back down to the TRT, and had a bit of a scare when we found that the trail was completely snow covered right after an instersection of the dirt Genoa Road and the TRT. We took the Genoa Road, and worked our way in and around some occasional snow cover. Along this stretch of the hike we came across a "for sale" sign for some land, and with an asking price of $1.2M seemed to be way overpriced for an area that would have extremely limited access. We also came across a memorial sign, although no indication was given as to what the significance of the area to the deceased. Much like we had done with Duane Bliss, we left our packs just off the road before striking up the not-as-steep slopes of the peak. On the lower portions of the forested slopes we had to navigate through some snow, but this gave way to only spotty snow higher up once we were out of the forest and into the scrub. Near the top we found that there was a dirt service road leading up to the top, an indication that we probably could have stayed on Genoa Peak road to get to this point rather than taking the shorter cross country route.

We reached the summit around 4:45, and again had excellent views. We were higher up than we had been on Duane Bliss, and had amazing views to Lake Tahoe set against the high peaks of the California Sierra. We again also had good views to the deserts of Nevada, and some great views towards the Jobs/Jobs Sister/Freel triple summits east of South Lake Tahoe. and after locating a reference marker Kyle decided to try to find the actual benchmark which from what we could gather seemed to be buried underneath the summit tower. He couldn't locate the benchmark, and so we took care of other business, taking summit photos of each other before heading back down to the Genoa Road.

We had one more peak on the agenda, South Camp Peak, although following the lame White Hill summit earler we were not all that excited to check this one off. It was a very short trip from Genoa, being that it was virtually on the way back anyway, just a short, easy cross country walk followed by a nice little scramble up the rocks to the summit. The views were not quite as good to Lake Tahoe, and we had some decent views across over to Duane Bliss. The benchmark was a bit curious, some sort of marker from the Nevada Highway Department but otherwise what makes this peak is the scramble, which was worth the short side trip. We went cross country back to the road, and followed that all the way back down, ultimately coming out just to the east of where we started, arriving back at about 7:30.

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