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May 16, 2015 - Oso, Mount


Partners: David Sanger

Distance: 1.14 miles

Elevation Gain: 178 feet

Trip Time: 1:10

Maps and Stats:
Friday afternoon I got a call from David Sanger, letting me know that he had secured permission for us to drive up to the summit of Mt. Oso. This was no small feat, as I had previously tried to get permission and got as close as being invited by the landowner on particular Saturday morning when I was already on my way out of town and had to decline. Ever since that day I had not been able to get another shot at it, and had given up. I passed along the contact information to David, who was able to work out a trade of sorts with the owner, with David helping to remove some contact information from a mountain informational website (the site that I had found the owner's contact information on) in exchange for permission to accompany the owner to the summit. He was permitted to bring a buddy, and I was the lucky one. Mt. Oso is the closest CC peak to my house in terms of air miles, although a circular route is needed to get there. I see the peak every day driving between Tracy and Brentwood, and have had my eye on it for a couple of years.

I had been having pain in my right foot for several days, nothing too serious but enough to be uncomfortable, and after walking the dogs over 5 miles in the morning the pain became severe enough to cause me to set up an appointment at the urgent medical care facility for later in the afternoon, as I could barely drag myself the last half mile back to my house. Certainly I could not do much in the way of hiking on the day, so I was most fortunate to be looking at a day of mostly driving.

After a quick lunch with the owner and his buddy, David and I carpooled, following the owner up Del Puerto Road to the Mt. Oso turnoff. The first mile or so appears to be public, until one reaches a locked gate. After crossing this gate we had our first good views of Mt. Oso, still several miles distant. A couple of miles later we came up to a second locked gate, from which point it was a quick drive up to the lower south summit of Mt. Oso.

Once on top the owner gave us a tour of his compound, equipped with all the conveniences needed to spend weeks on the top of the mountain. Out of respect for the owner's privacy I didn't take any pictures and will refrain from providing more details than this. After touring the facility David and I hiked around so David could get some pictures. The views were nice, but hazy as I gingerly walked around. After a bit of time we drove on over to the higher summit, only about 5 minutes away. There is a fire lookout on top which I climbed up, finding the door open to the lookout area but with the windows boarded there was nothing to see. The views from the lookout were excellent, looking back towards the lower summit, and at the surrounding facilties. We spent perhaps 15 minutes looking for the summit benchmark, and unable to find it, drove back to the lower summit to inform the property owner we were leaving.

We had been up for a couple of hours, and spent another 30 minutes or so shooting the breeze with the owner and his buddy, who were gracious hosts. When we told them we couldn't find the benchmark they gave us precise directions, and as we left we decided to try one more time to find the benchmark. Awe made the 5 minute drive over, and within a couple of minutes located the elusive benchmark. Success! Once we were done with that, we drove back down, locking the gates behind us. At the bottom gate a phone attached to the gate rang as we locked up. I answered it and it was the owner, who had aimed his camera in our direction, and despite being several miles away, could see what we were doing. I thanked him for his hospitality once again, and David and I finished the drive down.

My foot had been okay for the easy hiking, but I went down to the urgent care afterword and had an x-ray taken. Those came back negative the next day, and my foot has continued to improve since then. I can feel a twinge when I rotate it a certain way so there may still be something looming, but for now its open season on CA peaks!

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