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May 30, 2015 - Meyers Mountain


Partners: (None)

Distance: 4.98 miles

Elevation Gain: 1,441 feet

Trip Time: 2:21

Maps and Stats:
Much of my free time the past month or so has been spent in purusit of a new vacation house in South Lake Tahoe, my brother and I finally found a great place, had an offer accepted at the end of April, and closed the last week of May. My first weekend visit, and what better way to celebrate than going on an afternoon hike right out my front door?

I had a few free hours after taking care of all of the things that one has to do when buying a new house, and remembering that the seller had told me that one could walk a short distance to find a trail leading into the forest and up to some prominent rock formations, decided to go without a map or track, just heading out with the Peakbagger app and seeing what I could find.

I walked out the front door, up the stairs leading from the front door to the road, and walked down Mohican Drive, over to Apache Road and then to Lost Lane where I found the trailhead after a 5 minute walk from my house. The trail was really good and should have been easy to follow, but I started off the wrong direction, and wound up having to bushwhack up the hillside. Before too long I found the excellent trail and followed it up towards two prominent boulders that I had seen from below earlier in the day. The boulders themselves were unnamed (and as I found up unclimbable without some strong rock skill) but on the Peakbagger App I could see that I was actually heading towards a named point called "Meyers Mountain" which sounded like a great objective for the day.

As I got higher up I spent an inordinant amount of time looking for the new house, seing if maybe I could find it in the forest below. I was never able to see anything but miles of forest and beautiful views of surrounding peaks. It was a somewhat steep climb, albeit short and so it didn't take all that long to get up to the rocks which are clearly visible from below. I didnt' try to climb any of them, wanting to first summit Meyers Mountain since it was the high point and not too much farther along. About 10 minutes later I was on the summit, with views blocked in some directions but quite nice in others. I was only on a local high point, however, so there were plenty of other higher peaks around. I spent about 15 minutes on top, taking it the special meaning with this hike and thinking about how fortunate I am.

I needed to get back down, as it was late afternoon, but I really wanted to try to summit the large boulders to get what I assumed would be an awesome view down towards the house. I tried the first series, but the sides were way too steep. I worked my way around and up but was again stopped short. Around one side and I was stopped again but the steep slope. Okay, how about one of the other boulders? Not so much...I searched for a route up and was stopped by a large gap between boulders. This just wasn't going to happen, but that was okay, this was just for fun after summitting Meyers Mountain, so I started on the downhill. I had some nice views of Lake Tahoe to enjoy, along with the forest scenery that I enjoyed on the way up. It didn't take long for me to arrive back at the end of the trailhead (avoiding all bushwhacking this time), and another 5 minutes to walk back to the house. Once I got back to the house I wend down to the golf course below the property to view those prominent boulders, which for seome reason didn't show up too well in the fading afternoon light. I could make out the boulders from the back deck, but again the pictures didn't really pick it up. I went back inside, and watched the sun set before settling in for my first night in the new house. The setting is quite peaceful, punctuated by the glow of spotlights lighting up the surrounding trees that the previous owner had wisely put in. I went to bed early, and rose before 6 AM in preparation for a couple of days of peakbagging that Andrew Kirmse and I had planned in the northeast portion of the state...

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