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Jun 14, 2015 - Tahoe Mountain / Peak 7008 / Twin Peaks North (Tahoe)


Partners: (None)

Distance: 8.13 miles

Elevation Gain: 1,672 feet

Trip Time: 3:19

Maps and Stats:
Sunday morning in Tahoe - time to sneak in a some local hiking before heading back to to the real world. Today I was chasing some easy local peaks, nothing too memorable but like all peaks in Tahoe fantastic views can be had for little effort.

Tahoe Mountain

I parked on Dundee Circle/Tartwan Way, where a use trail winds behind the last house on the street and heads up towards the lower south summit of Tahoe Mountain. The scars from the Angora Fire were the most memorable thing from this trip, quite sad to see so much devastation. It didn't take long to have views of the Lake and towards the higher peaks to the south. 25 minutes into the hike I was at the south summit, marked by a radio tower. The trail continued along towards the higher summit, where I arrived 10 minutes later. The views weren't as good over on this side, as the summit was tree covered but I could make out Fallen Leaf Lake and Mt. Tallac as I continued on, making a loop of the hike. I looped down, arriving maybe a fifth of a mile down the road. The whole trip was less than 1 hour.

Peak 7008/Twin Peaks North

15 minutes later I was at the parking area for Twin Peaks, a Tahoe Landmark that is quite striking from Highway 50 as one drives into South Lake Tahoe. I parked at at a small lot off Sawmill Road and started up a wide dirt road which serves as an off road vehicle path. Once again, I had fantastic views in about 15 minutes. After a half hour I left the dirt road to head cross country to Peak 7008, a peak I normally wouldn't pursue but I am trying to summit all 121 peaks within 15 miles of the Tahoe cabin, and this is on the list. The final push is up some easy boulders - the boulders actually made it easier since I could avoid the brush. The summit offers up some great views to Desolation Wilderness, Mt. Tallac and Lake Tahoe. It only took about 45 minutes to get to the summit, and so I wasn't ready for a break and continued on towards Twin Peaks. This part was the toughest travel, as there was a lot of brush and I had to descend down a stream channel and reascend the lost ground. Once out of the brush and on the rock it was fairly easy travel, up to the summit tower, an airplane beacon. The views were best towards the Tahoe Golf Course and the airport of all things. Although it had only taken another 45 minutes to reach the summit, and I could make out the summit of Twin Peaks North, I needed to get back down to Tracy so I headed down (and would have to get it another day, via a better route as it turned out). More cross country fun ensued, as I referred the TOPO map to guide myself back to the road I came in on. Once I reached it I was treated to the dust of an ATV, a reminder of why I had hiking on off-road vehicle paths. Poetically, it took 45 minutes to descend the peak back to my car.

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