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Jun 28, 2015 - Meyers Mountain / Twin Peaks South (Tahoe)


Partners: (None)

Distance: 5.30 miles

Elevation Gain: 1,853 feet

Trip Time: 2:32

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Kyle and I had spent the night up at the cabin in South Lake Tahoe, and we both wanted to get back at a descent time since we had left our respective dogs behind while we enjoyed the good life (the fence is 80% done so this is the last time we have to worry about that). Kyle was also tasked with finding a spot to watch the 4th of July fireworks, and I suggested hiking up nearby Meyers Mountain, a peak about 2 miles away from the cabin with around 1300 feet of gain. I had hiked it the previous month, but since I wouldn't be doing anything major (and we had put in a good effort on Round Top plus some bonus peaks the day before) I said I would lead the hike.

Meyers Mountain

We walked out the front door at 7 AM, walked up the road towards Lost Lane, and started on the nice trail 1/4 mile from the house. The trail is joined from below by a few different use trails, although we had everything to ourselves the entire trip. The trail starts off easy, and although it remains in excellent condition, it does become steeper the higher you go. Soon we had views nice views, but because of the surrounding trees it was hard to find a place where you could really see the lake clearly enough to try to watch the fireworks from. We came across an open clearing perhaps 2/3 of the way up and it was perfect. Flat on top with an unobstructed view to the Lake. This would be the place that he would take his wife to watch the fireworks from the following week. As for the mountain, we finished up the last several hundred feet, which were considerably steeper, with about 600 feet of gain over the last 7/10ths of a mile. We were rewards by some great views from the top looking south, towards the peaks we had climbed the day before. Round Top and the Sisters, standing tall and holding some snow, unlike anything else we could see. There were no lake views, with trees blocking the views to the east. There is no summit register, and since we had only been hiking less than an hour we didn't stay long, and followed the trail back down, back to the road and back to the cabin.

Twin Peaks South

After finishing Meyers, Kyle left, and I stayed at the cabin for a bit, enjoying life in the high country. I got sufficiently motivated to try to bag a few other easy local peaks, and so so I set off, driving a couple of miles to Sawmill Road in an attempt to summit Twin Peaks South. I had done the North summit a couple of weeks ago, but the South summit wasn't shown on the Peakbagger app and only after returning home did I see it was listed in Lists of John, and if I ever wanted to complete all of the listed peaks in this quadrant I would have to go back. I opted for a different starting location this time, however, one directly south of the south peak. I drove up and down Sawmill Road a couple of time, trying to find a place to park and finally finding something workable near some construction that was going on. At first I was on a good trail, but that quickly petered out and it was easy cross country uphill until I reached the start of the rocky section. Here I should have angled to the left, avoiding all of the rocks and working my way uphill until I had to climb the final rocks. But instead I stubbornly kept going up the rocks, going over many false summits and having to backtrack a couple of times when I would find myself on a large boulder but no way to continue towards the peak without retreating and going around. Its relative though, as it was less than a mile to the final summit plateau where I found some sort of benchmark on the lower, eastern portion of the peak.

There were great views all around, by I focused my attention on trying to see the cabin, which was not possible. I went over to the highest point, a class 3 boulder on the north of the summit plateau that I might not have attempted if there was any real exposure. As it was, I could be brave with my move and got up. Not much to do once on top, so I went back down as quickly as I went up, taking a better route on descent to avoid all of the rocks. I came out a bit south on Sawmill road, and I found a small use trail which allowed me to avoid walking on the road back to the car. I had intended to summit Angora Ridge and then Angora and Indian Peaks, but as it turned out the Angora Ridge Road was dirt, and a sign warned of its poor condition. I had to abandon the second part of my planned trip, instead going back to the cabin and spending a couple of hours doing some clean up work in the back yard in preparation for the completion of the fence and the visit with my dogs.

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