Hiking Stats as of 11/20/2019
Total Trips:
Total Distance:
Total Elevation Gain:
 3,891.68 miles
 1,060,050 feet
Andrew and I had a big 3 day trip planned to chase down some of the more remote county highpoints in California. We met up at my brothers place in Vallejo, with the first objective being Mt. Eddy, the highpoint of Trinity County. Eddy is completely dominated by the nearby Mt. Shasta, however, Eddy is in the next county over so it was the target.

There is a good road and even better trail that lead all the way to the summit of Mt. Eddy, so it is a pretty straightward hike. We parked in the large lot, taking the trail on a what turned out to be (unfortunately) an overcast day, which wound up robbing us of some of the views of Mt. Shasta that we had hoped to enjoy. The trail winds above miles of forest, making its way to Deadfall Lakes beneath the summit. There was nothing at all hard about the walk up, other than dealing with the wind and the cold. Not to say that this hike isn't beautiful, because it is, its just that it is not all that difficult. We arrived on the summit after 2 hours, and had great views all around, except for Mt. Shasta which was buried in the clouds. We stayed on top for about 20 minutes, having lunch and talking with a fellow hiker who was on top. We then retreated back down to Deadfall Lakes , and followed the trail back down to the car. We found this much easier than anticipated, and had some extra time to stop near the highway and enjoy some better views of Mt. Shasta to the east.

Because we finished so quickly, we had plenty of time to do something else on the way up to Grants Pass, Oregon, where we were spending the night. Andrew suggested Mt. Ashland in Oregon (my first Oregon summit) which sounded great. It has over 2,000 feet of prominence so it was worth a visit. We were able to drive to within 1 mile of the summit, and as such this was an even easier peak. We walked up a 4WD road, taking maybe 20 minutes to spot the summit tower and then making the summit. Excellent views abound, although we hadn't really done a lot to earn them. As the clouds rolled in below we got started on the easy walk down the car, and made the rest of the drive to Grants Pass in preparation for Bear Mountain the following day.

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