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Jul 30, 2015 - Maggie's Peak - South / Maggie's Peak - North


Partners: (None)

Distance: 5.44 miles

Elevation Gain: 2,125 feet

Trip Time: 2:54

Maps and Stats:
I had a week off and of course was spending it in Tahoe, but with my Mom visiting hiking was not the primary objective. I held off as long as I could, finally telling her that I would be heading out at 6 AM the next morning for a quick hike and would be back by 9:30, still giving us enough time to walk the dogs and enjoy the day. I decided on Maggie's Peaks, mainly because (aside from being easy enough to do in such a short time frame) the TH is normally very busy (Bayview TH), but at this early hour I could get a good parking spot.

This worked out perfectly, as I parked right next to the TH, even surpassing my expectations. I set out quickly, knowing I was on a deadline, up an easy to follow trail as it entered the Desolation Wilderness. I followed it up, enjoying amazing views towards a future target, Emerald Point, and could see the south summit not too far ahead. I went by the quite scenic Granite Lake, before arriving at the saddle between the two Maggie's Peaks. I had crossed under the north summit on the trail, but having not seen a good ascent route decided to go after the south summit first, and then would figure out a way to get to the north summit. It was easy going to to get to the higher south summit, a little bit of cross country and a really fun summit block which would have to be class 3, although it requires just one move. The views were outstanding, looking at Tahoe and at Emerald Point. But there was no time for games, had to keep moving to meet my deadline so I started back down, looking for a way over to the north summit.

I wound up going back down the trail, deciding against a ridgeline traverse that probably would have worked. Instead, I had to go cross country up a steep and sandy/brushy slope, which ultimately led me to some class 3 rock where I saw a hiker in front of me. I caught up and we strategized on how we might make the summit, ultimately taking a tricky chimney up (we could have gone around, but we didn't know it at the time) and then just going class 2 all the way to the summit. More outstanding views, not quite so good towards Tahoe but better towards the Desolation Wilderness and towards Emerald Point. I stayed a few minutes then took a slightly different route down, avoiding the chimney but having to deal with the brushy sand slope before rejoining the trail and making the way back to the car. I got back by 9:40, so I was a few minutes late but not too bad of way to start the day!


I received an email from the "other hiker", who turned out to be Chris from Sacramento. He was kind enough to send me a few pictures that he took of me near the summit while he was a several hundred feet away.

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(4 years ago) "Hiker in Front of Me" said:

I'm the other hiker. From the southern peak I took the ridge across to the north peak. It was a rocky boulder hopping adventure but not too bad and a lot faster than the way you went. If you take the ridge stay towards the eastern side as the west side is more of a cliff. At the time I thought it was a bit difficult but after descending the way you came up the northern peak, I would say the traverse is the way to go. I too was able to find an easier way off of the south peak along a line of Junipers just west of where we went up.