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 3,891.68 miles
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Nov 28, 2015 - Peak 1140


Partners: (None)

Distance: 1.93 miles

Elevation Gain: 603 feet

Trip Time: 1:00

Maps and Stats:
Day two of my stay in Porterville, and just like the day before, I wanted to sneak off for an early morning hike before everyone else woke up. Today I would be attempting Peak 1140, a peak just outside of Porterville with over 400 feet of prominence. In my research I new it had some radio equipment on the summit, so a road to the top existed. It was just a matter of finding the best way. I found a couple of tracks from people who hiked it using mapmyrun, and figured that access from a nearby farm would be easy enough.

I drove in as far as I could on a public road, parking next to an orchard and setting out for a very brief cross country portion before finding a jeep trail that would go all the way to the summit. Navigation was trivial, just follow the trail up to the top. I almost made it to the top before sunrise, but was disappointed with what was on top. Lots of ugly fences and antennas marred the area, and the true highpoint and benchmark appeared to be inside the fenced area. I found a reference marker, but not the actual benchmark. I walked around the summit for a good 20 minutes, enjoying the views that were available when I put some distance between myself and the equipment. A superb sunrise was spectacular, almost making me forget about the ugly equipment on top. After giving up the search for the benchmark I started down, this time taking the road down all the way down, avoiding the short cross country I had taken on the way up. From there it was a short walk back through the orchards to Kyle's car. RT was only an hour, including 20 minutes on top.

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