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 3,891.68 miles
 1,060,050 feet

Dec 20, 2015 - Basalt Hill


Partners: Jerry Kohn

Distance: 5.17 miles

Elevation Gain: 1,777 feet

Trip Time: 2:34

Maps and Stats:
With rain forecast for Saturday and Sunday afternoon, the only hiking window for the weekend was Sunday morning. David Sanger, Jerry Kohn and I met up with plans of tackling a CC peak, but that didn't work out and, with David having a lunch commitment back home, Jerry and I were left looking for a plan B. David suggested we head off to Basalt Hill, a peak with nearly 1,000 feet of prominence, although just over 1,700 feet tall. The peak is located just outside of the San Luis Reservoir Recreation area, with access easily obtained from Basalt Road in the park.

We paid the $9 entry fee and were the only ones in the parking lot, and we got started under cloudy skies. The summit was visible right from the start, looking easy to reach although still nearly 2 miles distant. We found a "trail" sign near the start, although nothing more than a cow trail really. The cross country hiking was easy, through gentle grasses, and since we could see the summit, it was just a matter of hiking up the fairly steep hillside, crossing over a jeep road, and walking around some boulders on the top ridge. We could see the summit lookout and tower, and fortunately the high point and benchmark were just outside the fenced perimeter. It had taken about an hour to reach the summit, and we paused to take in the nice views. Aside from the reservoir, the striking profile of the peaks surrounding Laveaga dominated the scene. The summit had a secondary peak, also marked about the 1700 contour line on the TOPO, so we visited that to make sure we had the high point. Both Jerry and I checked the elevations on our GPS devices and both of ours showed the benchmark to be 3 feet higher. We went down basically the same we we came up, taking about 1:45 to complete the hike.

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