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 3,891.68 miles
 1,060,050 feet

Dec 27, 2015 - Peak 1305


Partners: (None)

Distance: 6.78 miles

Elevation Gain: 1,174 feet

Trip Time: 2:12

Maps and Stats:
Winter vacation, and after tagging Pacheco Peak the night before with Andrew I was low on sleep and needed a nice easy hike for the day. I settled on Peak 1305, just outside Round Valley outside Brentwood. I'd been to Round Valley many times in the past, but had never strayed off to tag this minor P300. The peak is easy enough to get to, starting from the staging area and taking the trail to an obvious ridgeline where the cross country begins. From the upper reaches the views of Mt. Diablo are quite stunning, better than almost anywhere else I had seen before.

I followed the ridgeline across a fence and over towards the summit. At the summit there was a memorial towards someone's Dad, complete with worded rocks and majestic views of Mt Diablo.

It only took a bit over an hour to get to the summit, and another hour down. Just the easy hike I was looking for.

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