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 3,891.68 miles
 1,060,050 feet

Dec 31, 2015 - Kreiger Peak


Partners: (None)

Distance: 4.72 miles

Elevation Gain: 1,243 feet

Trip Time: 1:49

Maps and Stats:
New Year's Eve day was upon us, and I was going to continue my streak of hiking something every day during my vacation. Today I needed to be home before dark to make sure that I was around to comfort my dogs just in case the locals wanted to set off fireworks celebrating the New Year hours too soon (what's the point in that???). So I chose Krieger Peak, a summit just outside of the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve south of Antioch. I'd been to this park a couple of times before, although heading off in a new direction this time. The entrance booth was unattended, making today a free day, much to my delight. When I arrived there were tons of people milling about, out for a last walk before 2016. This only lasted a few minutes, until I took a somewhat hidden trail up a steep drainage leading up to a ridge with some great views back towards Rose Hill, the CC listed peak in Black Diamond Mines. I followed a trail for a couple of miles before arriving at an old barn site. From here I started going up a dirt road, and was surprised by a truck coming in my direction. I wasn't entirely sure if I was on public land, as the borders of Black Diamond are notorious for not being marked. I took to going up the grassy hillside to avoid any contact with the vehicle as a precaution, arriving at the saddle between Kreiger Peak and some ugly antennas on the opposite and lower peak to my right. The summit has great views, with its proximity to Mt. Diablo but also with its significant prominence. I particularly enjoyed the views towards the park and Antioch. From there I descended essentially the same route, with a bit of a minor variation meant to avoid some of the cross country (which failed, as I wound up doing more). But it was easy enough, and the entire day was a fun time, and a great success. I was home in time to walk the dogs for the second time that day, and was happy when the fireworks aficionados waited until midnight to set off their rockets and noisemakers.

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