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 3,891.68 miles
 1,060,050 feet

Feb 20, 2016 - Fiske BM / Lowery BM


Partners: Kyle Breen

Distance: 14.43 miles

Elevation Gain: 4,150 feet

Trip Time: 6:15

Maps and Stats:
For this weekends hike Kyle and I were heading to the far north bay, to the Cache Creek Wilderness Area for one of the classics of the area - the Fiske/Lowery combo. The area is quite scenic, with rocky terrain, forested and steep hills, and of course the creek and has quickly become a favorite of mine. We arrived at the TH and were happy to see that it was fee-free until March 1, so we beat the fee date by about a week. Great start to the day! We parked and walked down what used to be a road but is now gated, due to the bridge crossing the creek being deemed unstable for vehicular traffic. After crossing the bridge we located a very old trail sign, a bit surprising since the rest of the area seemed so well taken care of. We followed this and a couple minutes later came to a much better junction and we were on our way. The trail is well graded, scenic, and just a lot of fun. Single track and shaded for the most part. The trail winds up the hill until finally reaching a ridgeline with a walkup to the peak. We located the BM and the busy summit register placed by Pete Yamagata Great views all the way out to the snow capped Sierra, north to Shasta and Lassen and all points in between, although my camera lens was fogged up so the pictures do not give the views proper justice. We could also see Snow Mountain, topped with some of its namesake, perhaps 20 miles to the north, and Lowery, our next stop, still a couple of miles away. Once we got past Fiske, the trail gradually deteriorated as we followed the ups and downs of the ridge. Along the way we saw some giant paw prints, presumably made by a mountain lion. After seeing those we kept our eyes and ears tuned for anything out of the ordinary but didn't have any encounters. We found the BM on Lowery, and a much less busy summit register which was signed only a couple of times per year. The views were similar, although now we had better views to the south. We turned around and retraced our steps back to the car, this is a highly recommended hike, all on trail (with some brushy sections near Lowery) and very scenic. I'll be back to this area for more in the future!

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