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Mar 6, 2016 - Black Mountain / Kreyenhagen Peak / Curry Mountain


Partners: (None)

Distance: 13.81 miles

Elevation Gain: 4,652 feet

Trip Time: 6:03

Maps and Stats:
For today hike I had my eye set on Laguna and Hepsedam Peaks, a couple of CC listed peaks about 2 1/4 hours south of Tracy. I cruised on down, taking the 152 west across to the Pinnacles Highway to the Coalinga Road. Along the way I passed the TH for Black Mountain, a peak I had saved in my Peakbagger app for a future hike (possibly today after Laguna and Hepsedam) before running into a major problem 5 minutes later. There was a rapidly moving stream running across the road, and I parked my car to investigate. I decided not to try to cross, fearful that the car might slide off the road and I would be stuck here for a while. I was a couple of miles away from the TH for Laguna and thought about trying to park nearby and walk the the TH, but there was nowhere to park so gave up on that. I turned around, and decided to give Black Mountain a go.

Black Mountain

I parked at the BLM parking lot, crossed the road and started up the public trail. This road lasted about 1 mile or so before running into private land. The likelihood of running into anyone up here seemed remote, and I was not concerned about walking up the road to the summit. Soon a third gate signaled yet another property line, again easily hopped. I followed the road all the way up to find some equipment just off the summit. There was a BM on top, and some nice views of the surrounding mountains. I retraced my steps down without incident.

Kreyenhagen Peak

The value of the Peakbagger app was on full display here, as I had stored several peaks in this general area and as such did not have to return home with just Black Mountain. I went south, hooking up with Highway 198 and then the Coalinga Mineral Springs Road. This road is paved, although the last few hundred feet were a bit iffy with large potholes. I parked at the TH and took a surprisingly nice trail on up. I ran into a couple of other hikers, soon passed as they looked to be interested in only stretching the legs and not bagging CC Peaks. Views of Kreyenhagen are soon visible, with the trail leading all the way up. On the top of the ridge the trail turns right to the peak, where I found a memorial plaque and a benchmark. The most interesting thing was that a helicopter began circling around, flying low enough so the pilot and I caught eyes, he waved and I waved back. There were great views from up here, looking around in all directions. Just a wonderful scene. I retraced my steps back down the easy to follow trail, having crossed another CC peak off the list.

Curry Peak

There was still enough time for another hike, and I had Curry Peak saved in my Peakbagger app. Curry has over 1,000 feet of prominence, and is on all public land, making for a great way to end the day. I parked at the small parking lot, crossed the road and found the trail going very steeply up the hillside. Awesome views were had within 15 minutes thanks to the steepness of the trail. The trail gets a bit harder to follow, and I actually lost it a bit on the higher and less steep elevations. Once on the ridge you are just short of the peak elevation, but still well over a mile away from the summit. The trail connects all the way over to the peak, where I found a summit register. I added my signature, the first in over a year. The sun was setting, making pictures a bit harder to get. I wanted to get back before dark, so I immediately left, and made it back to the car without having to use a headlamp.

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