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Mar 12, 2016 - Peak 2472 / Condon Peak


Partners: (None)

Distance: 14.72 miles

Elevation Gain: 3,890 feet

Trip Time: 6:35

Maps and Stats:
I had my sights set on another CC peak, this time heading south down to Condon Peak, about a 2 1/2 hour drive south from Tracy. I didn't think that would make a full day, however, and as such was looking for a secondary peak to maximize my hike to drive time ratio.

Peak 2472

I found Peak 2472 as a worthy objective, with over 300 feet of prominence. It appears on the maps as being in the Los Gatos Creek Park, and as such was not concerned with access. When I arrived at the park it was shut down (for winter or for good I do not know). No problem, I just parked outside the barricades and walked in. There are a few campgrounds and picnic areas, after which was a barbed wire fence. I guessed that this was to keep the campers from wondering around, so I looked for a place to cross and found a low section to step over. Beyond this was a taller fence that could not be stepped over, but there was a nice gap allowing one to simply walk through, strengthening my belief that I was on solid public ground here. After a short cross-country stint I found a ranch road which led me up to the top of the ridge. So far so good, and I could see the peak from my location. I followed the ranch road only to find it gated about a quarter mile from the summit, although I was still well within the boundaries of the park as shown on the map. I didn't cross this, instead staying to the left of the fence and was able to get to the summit without having to cross. Views were good, but I was less certain now about my right to be here so I hurriedly took off. I went back down to the car without incident.

Condon Peak

I drove up the road about 15 miles to the BLM Condon Peak parking area, happy to be sure that this was going to be all public. At the start I ran into a hunter, and we talked a bit. He wanted to know if I had seen any "animals" during the day. I said no, other than a couple of birds on Peak 2472. He said he was looking for wild pigs, I told him I was looking to hike, not hunt, and that I couldn't help him. The hike up Condon starts off easily enough, on a nice trail. It gradually gets steeper and worse, and making matters much worse is that it peters out into a faint use trail running right alongsie a barbed wire fence. Many crossings of the fence are required to avoid getting stuck in brush, and it gets rather old rather quickly. I lost the trail a few times, and the results were not pretty when it happened. Much like Curry Peak, once you get to the top of the ridge you are almost at the peak elevation but the peak is very far away still. There are a lot of ups and downs in this section, although nothing too steep or serious. The use trail connects to a very nice dirt road, making navigation to the summit trivial. The views were outstanding from just under 5,000 feet. I found a register recently placed by Andrew Kirmse only a couple of weeks prior. I retraced my steps down, once again losing the trail a couple of times but getting back without major incident.

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