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Mar 27, 2016 - Peak 1331


Partners: (None)

Distance: 8.47 miles

Elevation Gain: 1,273 feet

Trip Time: 3:15

Maps and Stats:
It was Easter Sunday, and I was looking for a nice easy hike, with not too bad of a drive. I decided on another trip to the San Luis Reservoir area, one of the few places in the Diablo range where one can legally hike a few peaks. Today I would be looking for Peak 1331, a peak that is basically entirely within the park boundary, excepting the very top itself. I made the 1 hour drive, and was stunned when I fell in line behind dozens of other cars waiting to get in. This was nuts, I'm not sure what the deal was, but there was some massive event going on and I was joining the party. Parking was limited, and they were lining us up in a dirt area meant for overflow. This was problematic in itself, as they had the road shut down to where I wanted to go, but at this point I had wasted so much time getting here that I was now committed.

I set off on foot, walking on the road, hardly a fun time. I followed this for maybe a mile, until I found the spot where the TOPO showed an old track going towards the peak. I spent several minutes trying to find a way to cross a very tight and well spaced (the lowest rung was too low to comfortably get under) barbed wire fence. Why a fence was needed here is beyond me, considering this was all within the park. I finally was able to squish the tall grass down enough to be able to get underneath. This part of the trip was also a bit of a drag - the grass was so tall that making progress was difficult. I finally connected with a maintained road, after which point the travel became easier. I continued along until I reached a gated fence, the peak laying slightly beyond this point. Hiking up the hillside was easy enough, the grass was not too long and it wasn't long before I reached the ridgeline, from which I was able to connect over to peak.

There were great views of the Reservoir and of the higher peaks to the east, but I didn't linger long, anxious to get back down and out before the hundreds of cars joined up with me on exit. I took a more direct route down from the peak, straight down back to the road (as opposed to the circular route I had taken on ascent to avoid the taller grass) which worked well for the descent as it turned out. I still had to squeeze under a very low fence again, however. I then decided I was NOT going to take that ridiculous track through the tall grass back to the fence and then the road. Instead I took the maintained road, as it sort of meandered back to the overflow parking lot. I was happy that I was leaving before most of the other people who were here for Easter, as the experience getting in was quite a nuisance and I could only imagine how hard it would be trying to get that many people back onto the always busy Hwy 152.

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