Hiking Stats as of 11/11/2019
Total Trips:
Total Distance:
Total Elevation Gain:
 3,891.68 miles
 1,060,050 feet
It had been several months since I had done a really challenging hike, and in trying to come up with something worthwhile I remembered Kyle's idea to try to summit, in one day, all 6 of the summits in Mt. Diablo State Park that are included in the "California Coastal Peaks" list. There are 13 such peaks in Contra Costa County, with 6 of the top 7 peaks by elevation found in the Park. I've been to all 6 of these peaks before, but have never taken down all 6 in one outing.

I always take advantage of the opportunity to walk my dogs in the morning when hiking locally, so after giving them 5 miles I set off for Clayton where Kyle and I were to meet at 9:00 AM. We hit the trail at 9:15 and made quick work up to the summit of Black Point, at about 1780 feet. After striking poses counting the number of summits of the day we set off for the second objective, Eagle Peak. This would be the most interesting part of the day. Black Point and Eagle Peak are separated by a ravine that drops all the way down to about 600 feet in elevation, and with a stream and dense brush covering the hillsides the only trails available would take us almost back to our starting point. We didn't have time for that, so we decided to do a little cross country hiking. We had seen Mitchell Rock, which we knew was on the Eagle Peak trail, and figured we could make our way up the hillside towards that. With Kyle leading the way we wound our way, mostly following animal trails. After a few forays through dense vegetation we emerged to find Mitchell Rock...on the next hill over. Ooops.

We figured that we could do a little more cross county and catch up with the trail further up, which finally happened. I'm not all that sure we saved that much time, and it was a pretty big expenditure of energy to climb up such a steep hill. Anyway, we finally found the trail and I took a shot showing our journey - from the summit of Black Point all the way down, then up the hill and cross country to where we now were. From there we were able to climb up Eagle Peak (although somehow we lost the trail here too and wound up shortcutting to the top up another steep slope). With 2 Summits to our credit we took off for the main Diablo summit. This part of the journey was uneventful, as we took the Prospectors Gap fireroad which gave us a chance to get a bit smoother hiking after doing so much off trail stuff. We eventually hit the main summit, our 3rd of the day. From up here we had a nice view of our first 2 summits, Black Point on the left and Eagle Peak in center.

From the main summit we made our down to the funnest summit of the day, the massive rock known as the Devil's Pulpit. On the way down we were treated to some nice winter conditions before coming up to the massive rock. Kyle went up first and summited the 4th peak of the day. I quickly followed, and we were then off to the familiar trail over to North Peak, where again we were treated to some snow. Although the 5th summit of the day was devoid of snow, it was energizing to now have the end in sight. We soon were off to the last summit, but encountered a bit of a problem when we found that the trail has been washed away in a slide. The assortment of rocks made fine footholds, and we easily maneuvered our way over to the other side and eventually to summit number 6, Mt. Olympia. After celebrating for about 3 minutes we knew we had to head back to make sure we were down before dark. The trail down is several miles, and we both started having some soreness in our knees form the continued pounding. We eventually made our way back to the cars by 6:12 PM, having finished the hike in just under 9 hours, and having summitted all 6 of the listed California Coastal Peaks in the Park. A total of about 20 miles and 6,500 feet of elevation gain which was just what I was looking for. A tiring but worthwhile day!

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(6 years ago) Linda said:

Congratulations to you both!