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Jun 5, 2013 - Rose Hill


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Distance: 2.40 miles

Elevation Gain: 787 feet

Trip Time: 0:48

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Rose Hill was another peak that I had not yet visited, and although it isn't too far away, I was unlikely to visit since it only requires a 2.5 mile round trip hike. I had been near Rose Hill before, as Kyle and I had hiked the Black Diamond Mines park that Rose Hill is part of. But at that time I had not yet heard of the CC Peak list and was unaware that this was the only listed peak in the area. Had I known that I certainly would have visited at that time.

As was the case with Mt. Davidson, the SF highpoint that I summited the day before, I found myself with an opportunity to climb Rose Hill as a result of being in the area due to a work conference. With the conference concluding at 12:15, I had planned on being back to work at around 3:30 (45 minutes to walk back to my hotel and pack up and check out; 1 hour for lunch; and 1.5 hours driving). Once I hit the road, however, I realized that I would be driving very near Black Diamond Park on my return, and I could probably bag Rose Hill in under an hour - meaning I could just stop at a Jamba Juice after the hike and still make my time.

I arrived at the Park and was happy to see that it was a "free day" with nobody manning the entrance kiosk. Being that I was only going to be here for a short time I didn't really feel that payment would be fair anyway. I changed into my hiking clothes in the restroom and set off on the trail. The day was quite warm, but circumstances required me to keep a quick pace. I didn't bother taking a pack or water, figuring I wouldn't really need them. Before long I arrived at Rose Hill Cemetery, I assume for workers of the long-abandoned mines in the area and residents of the abandoned towns in the vicinity. I scurried through the cemetery, not stopping to take any pictures because of my constant awareness of my tight timeframe.

After about 3/4 mile the main trail crested on a minor ridge, and a small trail led off towards Rose Hill. The trail is very steep, much more so than I had anticipated. It did not take long for Mt. Diablo to become visible over the surrounding hills as I looked back down the trail. The Cemetery also soon became tiny in my vision as I ascended the final stretch.

The summit is nice, although somewhat unspectacular. It is largely flat, with long brown grass covering the entire area. I made my way through the grass hoping that no hungry ticks would take advantage of the opportunity to feast on my exposed legs. The summit views are nice, stretching from Mt. Diablo to the South to the Delta to the east and the hilly Diablo range to the southeast. I took my summit shot and then quickly made my way down the hill. The steep sections of the hill required some patience to avoid getting going too fast, but as soon as I hit the junction with the main trail I jogged the majority of the way back to the car. On the return I snapped a shot of Rose Hill as I ran (I am amazed that the camera can do this without blurring). Soon I was back to the parking lot, and I got my work clothes out of the car and changed in the restroom. Back in my work clothes, I was able to get to Jamba Juice and back to work by 3:20. In all the hike was just under 2.5 miles with about 800 feet of elevation gain and took only 48 minutes.

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